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Management Wings

Management Wings at Avron Hospitals

Our Vision and Goal in “Avron Hospitals” is to Maintain Trusted Name in Providing High-Quality Health Care with our Outstanding Team of Doctor’s, CMS, Nursing, Technical and Support Staff. Let Work Speak Loud than Words.

“It’s not about PERFECT, It’s about EFFORT and when you bring that Effort every Single Day, that’s where TRANSFORMATION happens, that’s how CHANGE Occurs.

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Managing Directors
Mr. Jigar J Mehta

It gives me immense pleasure and honor to be Medical Superintendent of this esteemed Institution. At Avron we believe in career growth and building Leadership within our Team.

The guiding Philosophy reigning in the medical sciences is to give professional service to the ailing, the needy through conscientious efforts and strengthen knowledge base in the relevant fields through research.

The objective of Avron Hospitals in imparting health care with Complete Transparency makes it stand out as trusted Healthcare Partner for both Referring specialists and Ailing patients. Human Values, Professional Ethics and Moral Virtues are met in the integrated form to groom the upcoming generation to serve the community relentlessly at Avron Hospitals.

We are keeping in with Prime objective which is to address the ever-growing demand for quality healthcare professionals delivering quality healthcare through quality infrastructure to alleviate human sufferings through healing hands.

The Management feels a sense of fulfillment noting that its services are reaching and helping the suffering and needy segments of the Population.

We have all-rounder care for patients with specialties like Critical Care Medicine, Orthopaedics, Joint Replacement, Radiology, Nephrology, Neurology, Pulmonology, Rheumatology, Oncology.

Great sense of pride and achievement fills our hearts and souls as we participate and contribute our efforts in fructifying the grand vision of our visionary leader.

We are providing world-class health care services at this esteemed Hospital with Utmost Care, Compassion and Human Touch.

I wish this Hospital to touch Newer Heights.

Chief Medical Superintendent’s
Dr. Alpa Namaha Yadav (MBBS, PGDHHM)
+91 99254 70849